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Annie Locke Portraits album

Portraits album | cover imagePortraits offers a soothing flow of melodies and harmonies with tones of strings, flute and electric piano. Annie Locke Portraits album

This is relaxing and inspiring music. It was the first album I (Francis) heard of Annie’s music, and I played it a lot then and now… It gives me a lift when I need it – and is very different from anything else I have heard in the ‘Relaxation’ or ‘new age’ genre.

Annie says of Portraits, that she hopes that the music, will help the listener to feel more peaceful and relaxed – and more able to connect with the gentle, harmonious place which is in us all, but often gets clouded over in moments stress or illness. This works for me…

In America this album has been used at a number of hospitals, and played at the birth of over 5,000 babies.

Annie Locke Portraits contains 12 beautiful tracks with a play time of 41:19 minutes.

Take a listen

  1. To Ra (08:52)
  2. Sylvia (04:26)
  3. Harp Interlude (01:05)
  4. Grace (04:08)
  5. Marmsy Asleep (01:51)
  6. Margaret (07:27)
  7. Grace II (03:39)
  8. A Magic Place (03:03)
  9. Leprechauns (02:19)
  10. Mike’s Country (01:58)
  11. For Alan A Happy Piece (02:07)
  12. Fanfare For The Future (01:14)

Album review by Kathy Parsons

I recently reviewed British composer/keyboardist/pianist Annie Locke’s first solo piano album, A Glimmer of Hope, which is her fourth album and her first release in more than twenty years. Portraits, (which is reviewed here) was her second album …..

Needed now more than ever, Annie’s music.. provides a quiet, peaceful respite and offers a calming escape from the frantic pace of contemporary life and the daily jolts of nastiness that occur all over the world.


Read full album review by Kathy Parsons

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Portraits album

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