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Annie Locke in Music Charts | One World Music | new logoA Glimmer of Hope No 3 in OWM Top 100 of Dec 2017

Annie’s A Glimmer of Hope album is 3rd in the last Top 100 Chart Show of the year, on One World Music Radio. [ Annie Locke in Music Charts ]
Annie Locke in Music Charts | Annie Locke website | OWM Top 100 | Dec 2017

EPR official logo | 300 imageA Glimmer of Hope on Enlightened Piano Radio

I’m really delighted to have been accepted to have tracks from this album played regularly on EPR (Enlightened Piano Radio).

This is a wonderful streaming radio station started and run by a co-op of like-minded composer/pianists. For 24 hours a day it broadcasts new piano music aimed at de-cluttering the mind, lifting the spirits, and massaging the soul! [ Annie Locke in Music Charts ]

Update July 2017

In the July Top 20 (2017), the album is at no.2! Thanks so much EPR.

“Here are the top 20 Enlightened Piano recordings for the month of July, as reported to The Zone Music Reporter. Well done everyone, keep up the great work!”

1) Pete Calandra The Road Home
2) Annie Locke A Glimmer Of Hope
3) Merrill Collins Ethereal Escapes
4) Tom Grant Sipping Beauty
5) Lynn Tredeau Shifting Sands
6) Ken Elkinson Earth Ocean Sky
7) Rachel Lafond Wandering Soul
8) Gina Lenee’ Perkins Red Diamonds
9) Danny Wright It’s All Wright
10) Charles Denler One Drop Became An Ocean
11) Janice Lacy Sanctuary For The Soul
12) Starr Parodi The Heart Of Frida
13) Richard Dillon Land Of Nod
14) Jennifer DeFrayne Sisu
15) Rachel Currea Walking To You
16) Timothy Crane The Fall Of A Sparrow
17) Alan Storygard Jazz Meets The Classics
18) Fiona Joy Into The Mist
19) Christine Brown Seamless
20) Ryan Marvel Possibilities

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Annie Locke in Music Charts

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