About IHM – Inner Harmonies Music

Inner Harmonies Music logoInner Harmonies Music is the record label for Annie Locke’s music albums. It was begun by Annie in 1986 – initially Inner Harmonies.

The website, InnerHarmoniesMusic.co.uk was set up in 2004 and kept up to date by Francis O’Neill. This website is effectively defunct now. From Winter 2016), traffic has been redirected to, and replaced by, AnnieLocke.com.

UK New Age Artists

For a time Inner Harmonies Music website also carried albums by other mainly “new age” UK artists. These included James Asher, Asha Quinn, and Nigel Shaw – old acquaintances of Annie Locke (and Francis O’Neill) from the days of NAMA (the New Age Music Association) with meetings that took place in London during the early 1990s.

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