Customer comments on Annie Locke’s relaxation albums

Customer comments | PencilsSome customers have taken the trouble to write to me about my music. Here’s a selection of customer comments on her music:

General Comments

I listened to some of your music and l was in awe straight away. You have amazing talent and the songs are delightful to listen to. Thank you for sharing with me.

Abbie H.

Thank you very much for…your two albums. I like them a lot and have been playing them over and over in my car. They have been invaluable for example in traffic jams, which would normally cause me stress.

SM, Planning & Marketing Director, HMV Records, UK

Thank you very much for the music…it has promise in a hospital setting. I will try to let as many people hear it as I can.

DK, Child Specialist, UK


Customer comments | Memories album cover image

I can’t believe I may have finally found a way to connect with Annie Locke! I have been searching for her for 20 years! And I have quite a story to tell her about her music and what a life-changing effect it’s had on me.

The short version is, I discovered “Memories” just after it was released in the late ’80’s. Since then I’ve used it regularly as my “meditation music”, and each time I’ve listened I’ve let my mind drift, and seen incredible images and visions, some of them remarkably predictive of events that were to occur in my life. In 2004, my health had a real downturn and I spent 2005 on dialysis, using “Memories” to help me through the three day a week, 4 hour sessions. I’ve since had a kidney transplant and am doing quite well. “Memories” is now part of my life, and at least once a week I still “go visit the Music”.

[ Customer comments ] Alan Mitchell, Chicago, USA

This CD is one of my all time favorites. After borrowing it from our local library several years ago I was not able to buy a copy…until now.[ Customer comments ]

I saw Annie on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and she impressed me. Her music is beautifully crafted and I find it not only relaxing but also uplifting, I must say the album gave me strength through a dark period of my life. I never tire of listening to the tracks that have soaring trumpets and deep calming bass notes that interweave with the piano and keyboards and climb to a pipe organ crescendo but never leaving its calming undertones far behind. It took me 5 years to get my copy, if you like calming meditative music Annie Lockes’ Memories is one to listen to, and I’m sure you will find peace and tranquility in her compositions.

[ Customer comments ] PS, Ipswich, UK

Thank you very much for the very fine album. I really like it and it would be a pleasure for me to offer to my customers. [ Customer comments ]

[ Customer comments ] Dr PM. Grafing, W. Germany

I really am loving Memories and the more I hear it the more its magic unfolds.

[ Customer comments ] Anne Holdsworth, Yoga Teacher, UK

I love the piano work (on Memories) it reaches deep inside and brings me so much peace, strength and love.

[ Customer comments ] MMcG, Massage Teacher, UK


Customer comments | Portraits album cover image

Portraits has been played several times by each member of the family – become quite a favourite. For me the music is a perfect accompaniment to a glass of good red wine and an equally good book.

[ Customer comments ] WS Breckland Council, Norfolk, UK

I have listened to Portraits countless times, and it’s a refreshing experience each time. It is especially beautiful listening to it while driving to work early in the morning…Thank you! I feel very fortunate that…your music has come into my life.

PS, California, USA

I have just bought your album, Portraits, and I haven’t stopped playing it – oh, it’s like heaven right on my doorstep.

[ Customer comments ] RE, Bournemouth, UK

The Living Earth

Customer comments | The Living Earth album cover image

The Living Earth…its simplicity is delightfully soothing as it plays away in the background, gently and lightly just like a lullaby. The music does not clutter your mind with visualisations and imagery. I often found myself in a state of no mind; all in all a very soothing album.

MC, in the Enquirer 1986, UK

I heard your music, The Living Earth, in an art gallery on Sunday and thought it was wonderful!

Dr DM, Cirencester, UK

The Living Earth order arrived this morning and I must say they are absolutely fabulous…our customers were so impressed that I sold them within hours.

[ Customer comments ] RH, Odyssey Bookshop, London, UK

This music is more potent than valium. Within minutes they have stopped twiddling their car keys!

Peta Moeller, commenting on “the top selling (ambience) album, The Living Earth”, in the Sydney Morning Herald, AU

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