End of 2018 update

I can’t get over how fast this year has passed. Here are some of my highlights…

This has been a very good year for me, with lots of positive feedback on my music. Early on, I was informed by Enlightened Piano Radio (a USA station broadcasting around the world) that I was one of three nominees for Best New Artist of 2017.Annie Locke end of 2018 update

Along with other category contestants (over twenty top composer- pianists from all over the world) I  was invited to play my own music along with over twenty top composer-pianists, from all over the world, at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall one of the great concerts halls of the world. This took place in October. It was a great occasion for me. It was also my first concert in 18 years; so, no pressure!Annie Locke end of 2018 update

Three Feminine Touch posters imageI came a close second by the way!

I was also one of ten nominees for Solo Piano Album of 2017, with my latest album, A Glimmer of Hope, on One World Music Radio (based in Europe). Against some well-known artists in the field, I came 2nd.

A very unexpected opportunity was to produce and host my own radio show, The Feminine Touch, for One World Music Radio, which has proved very popular.Annie Locke end of 2018 update

Check out podcasts of the last three, The Feminine Touch shows.

The plan is to do the shows quarterly.

In the One World Music Radio chart for 13 months

And right towards the end of the year, I’ve heard that I am one of two artists to stay in the One World Music Radio Top 100 chart for 13 consecutive months. I’m currently at no.5 in the December chart.

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Annie Locke end of 2018 update

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