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OWM Radio Feminine Touch 8 | 400x96

If you’ve missed Annie’s radio show, The Feminine Touch 8 (on One World Music Radio), no worries. You can get it on podcast right now.

The Feminine Touch showcases some of the best New Age piano music by female composer-pianists across the globe. This edition includes 13 artists and plays two new pieces by Annie: Anthem for a Better World, and one that is not out yet.

Now out: Anthem for a Better World

Anthem for a Better World | 400x96 image

An inspiring new piano piece by Annie Locke.

This was first performed by Annie at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall on Unification Day (2018).

It carries the hope of people joining together to make the world a better place; by focussing on what they have in common rather than their differences.

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This track is available through Amazon, Apple, Spotify and other good music outlets.

A Handful of Memories

Annie Locke Music | A Handful of Memories piano music | 500x96 imageOne of Annie’s most popular tracks.

Perfect for any special moment. A Handful of Memories is a gently romantic solo piano piece with a nostalgic feel.

Double J Piano Love Songs imageListen to the full track now on Double JJ’s  Piano Love Songs on Spotify.

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An Ocean of Dreams

An Ocean of Dreams by Annie Locke | 500x96 image

An Ocean of Dreams is a relaxing track which is at the same time melodious, inspiring and moving. The music is like the waves or currents of life as we seek to reach our goals and dreams.


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Includes review by Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio…

A Tale of Love and Mystery

A Tale of Love and Mystery | single | cover 400x96 image

This is a hauntingly beautiful and melodious classical new age piece, set by the Mediterranean and telling a story of love and intrigue.

A Tale of Love and Mystery single is available on iTunes, Amazon and elsewhere. Annie Locke Music
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Spanish Sojourn

Spanish Sojourn | 500x96 imageAnnie’s single Spanish Sojourn, featuring the guitar of  Paul Landry, is also available Amazon, iTunes and other online stores. Also from this site.

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Includes review by Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio…


Silent Night

Silent Night version by Annie Locke | 500x96comp imageA new solo piano version of “Silent Night” by this award-winning composer. It combines the peaceful setting of the title with the joy at the birth of Jesus, and weaves in some of her beautiful melodies around this well-loved carol, creating a true flavor of Christmas...

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A Glimmer of Hope

Annie Locke Music | A Glimmer of Hope | River Story mp3 imageBeautiful, melodious piano pieces – at times relaxing, sometimes stimulating – that will whisk you away on a river journey, entice you into a deep forest, take you riding through Montana and exploring exotic places… Annie Locke Music

My very first solo piano album – and my first album in twenty years… it came 2nd for Best Solo Piano Album (in 2017) and this year has won Best New Age Piano album. People enjoy it and I hope you will too.
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River Story – video track from A Glimmer of Hope

Annie Locke Music website - a touch of inspiration | River Story video | 600x96 image

To download “River Story,” or to find out more about the album, visit the A Glimmer of Hope page or the CDs and Downloads page.

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