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The Living Earth album

The Living Earth album cover imageAnnie Locke The Living Earth is peaceful, crystal clear music written with gentle synthesizer sounds for moments of rest and tranquility.

This album has sold well over 100 thousand copies – largely by word of mouth.

It reached No 1 in the Australian New Age Music charts in 1988 and is still very popular. A number of people consider it to be a classic of the UK ‘new age’ genre.

The quality of the whole album has been improved and revamped for MP3 download.

Annie Locke The Living Earth contains 6 tracks with a total play time of 33:53 minutes.

Take a Listen to sample tracks

1. In A Crystal Cave (11:58)
2. Crystal Moments (05:50)
3. Crystal Fairies (01:41)
4. Crystal Waters (10:32)
5. Once Upon A Time There Was A Kingdom (02:22)
6. Bells In A Crystal Cave (01:30)

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The Living Earth

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