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I’m gradually getting together music videos linking to my albums. Here are some that I hope you’ll enjoy…

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An End to Hunger, An End to War – track from A Glimmer of Hope

This video, taken from the music track of the same name, from my album, A Glimmer of Hope, we think speaks for itself. Please share. Thank you.

Riding Through Montana – track from A Glimmer of Hope

Have a relaxing few minutes listening to this gentle music, and imagining yourself riding (or strolling, perhaps) through beautiful mountains and wide open spaces.

The track is from my new album, A Glimmer of Hope, and was improvised in one take, then re-recorded. To download a copy, or to find out more and have a listen to samples of my other music, visit the album page or the CDs and Downloads page.

Crystal Fairies – track from The Living Earth

A fun track from my, ‘The Living Earth’ album, which should particularly appeal to children. FAIRIES DO EXIST – as you will see!

To find out more about this music visit the album page. Tracks from the album are available on downloads.

UK Seascapes – track from Memories

Beautifully relaxing music from ‘Memories’ album, paired with stunning seascape photography by Nick Cockman. The music track used is ‘As It Will Be Part 3.’ Check out the album page or the CDs and Downloads page

Crystal Moments – track from The Living Earth

A beautifully tuneful track from my very first album, ‘The Living Earth’, which was improvised with crystals in mind. This is new age music which is both happy and relaxing – suitable for adults and children alike.

It creates a calm atmosphere using a lovely, gentle sound on electric piano. I had only just started composing, and improvised this track the night before going to Finland to help out on a workshop about crystals. The people taking the workshop loved the music so much that they made a collection for me to do an album!

Soon after, I was asked to write some music for an exhibition of large crystals at a new theme park. Although this didn’t happen in the end, the two things came together to inspire me to create ‘The Living Earth’ – still available as downloads here.

I really hope that you enjoy this and would love you to give me some feedback on how the music affects you.

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