Annie Locke bio

Annie Locke imageAnnie Locke has become known and respected in many parts of the world for her special contribution to relaxation and classical music.

Her work, with its lingering melodies and unusual textures of sound, is distinctive, yet easily accessible and immediately appealing.

Classical Training & Television

Annie studied classical music at the Royal Academy of Music and graduated from there with a degree in piano and oboe. When she left college, music took second place to a career in television at the BBC where she worked in the Drama Department.

She was Production Manager on both classical and modern plays – which included Mike Leigh’s “Abigail’s Party”. She was also Assistant Director on The Trojan War Will Not Take Place at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall – and interviewed the playwright, Christopher Fry, for the play – visit Wikipedia to find out more on Christopher Fry. She also directed some classical music programmes while at the BBC.

Making Her Albums

Some years later her musical interests were dramatically re-awakened after she played a synthesizer for the first time. Within a very short time she had composed her first music. This also became her first album, The Living Earth.

Eighteen months later she produced her second album Portraits. Like her first album this has also been highly regarded by people in the medical profession and elsewhere for its relaxation and sheer enjoyment value.

Annie’s third album Memories, with its rich melodic sounds, has been a best seller in its field. Like her other works Memories has tracks that were improvised in single takes – for instance the music for A Time There Was was improvised entirely in one twenty minute session using a variety of sounds including piano solo. Annie then added orchestral textures.

Solo Concerts and Talks

Annie sometimes gives solo concerts on piano – she has composed many pieces for solo piano and hopes to bring out an album of these in the near future. Sometimes she combines concerts with a talk on how music and sound affect our health, a subject in which she is deeply interested – see article, Sound, Music and our Health.

Teaching Piano and Playing

Annie also teaches piano – taking many of her students through the Grades. In you happen live in the Evesham area of the UK you might want to visit her Evesham Piano Lessons website to find out more. She also does a regular twice weekly slot playing piano at The Three Ways House Hotel in Gloucestershire (UK).

Final Comment…

Annie Locke’s music has become popular with people of all ages and from all walks of life. The reasons for this are simple enough; her music touches the hearts of folk because she plays from the heart and wishes to help bring some sunshine and quiet into all our lives.
picture of Annie Locke