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Annie Locke imageAvailable from April!
Annie Locke’s new album…
A Glimmer of Hope | album cover image
A Glimmer of Hope

Have a listen to: Honour – piano version

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Annie Locke has often been viewed as one of the better known exponents of ‘new age’ and relaxation music in the UK. Alternatively some of it is described as classical and romantic melody.


Her albums The Living Earth album cover imagePortraits album cover imageMemories album cover image(The Living Earth, Portraits and Memories), are sought after for their uplifting, relaxing and melodious quality.

Selling largely by ‘word of mouth’ her music has sold worldwide and has been used in a host of circumstances to help produce an atmosphere of calm.

Her American distributor once told her that her music had been used in maternity wards across parts of America; and over 5,000 babies had been born while listening to her Portraits album.

Only recently she heard that her first album, The Living Earth, is being played in MRI scanning at ‘Cancer Centers of America,’ at Tulsa.

The new album: A Glimmer of Hope

Coming from a classically trained background however she considers her roots lie closer to classical music and romantic melody. This is reflected in her forthcoming album, A Glimmer of Hope. This is an album of beautiful piano pieces that will whisk you away on a river journey, take you into a deep forest and take you through exotic places.

UK Seascapes – YouTube video

Get a taste of Annie’s music in this video. You can sample all of her relaxing music tracks under the Relaxation albums link.

UK Seascapes is a series of beautiful seascape photographs taken around the UK by photographer Nick Cockman, and here set as a backdrop to the track, As It Will Be – Part 3, from my Memories album. I hope you’ll like what we’ve done! If you do like it would be great if you could leave a comment on YouTube.